We report the angle-independent creation of full color palettes on the surface of silver, gold, copper and aluminum. We show significant color saturation of up to ∼69% and an increase in the lightness range by up to ∼ 60% with the use of multi-burst picosecond pulses. Finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulations show that high-spatial frequency LIPSS (HSFL) are responsible for the improvements. In addition, we show the passivation and tuning of the colors with the thickness of alumina deposited by atomic layer deposition.

nanoparticles, noble metal coloring, Plasmonics, plasmons, ultrafast laser
2017 Photonics North, PN 2017
Department of Chemistry

Guay, J.-M. (J. M.), Cala'Lesina, A. (A.), Baxter, J.S. (J. S.), Gordon, P.G. (P. G.), Barry, S.T, Ramunno, L. (L.), … Weck, A. (A.). (2017). Coloring and color enhancement on noble metals rendered by plasmonic effects via multi-burst picosecond pulses. In 2017 Photonics North, PN 2017. doi:10.1109/PN.2017.8090580