The focus of this paper is to introduce the basic concepts and features of a new efficient technique for solution of time or frequency domain electromagnetic field problems. The method is based on Laplace domain finite element formulation of problems which are solved with the aid of Complex Frequency Hopping (CFH) technique. CFH is a moment matching technique used successfully in the circuit simulation area for solution of large set of ordinary differential equations. CPU measurements show that the proposed method is one to two orders of magnitude faster than the current solution methods associated with the finite element technique.

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Conference 25th European Microwave Conference, EuMC 1995
Kolbehdari, M.A. (M. A.), Nakhla, M.S, & Zhang, Q.J. (Q. J.). (1995). Solutions of EM problems using finite element & complex frequency hopping techniques. In 1995 25th European Microwave Conference (pp. 1079–1081). doi:10.1109/EUMA.1995.337128