This paper develops convective heat transfer coefficients for several different BIPV/T system configurations using Computational Fluid Dynamics models. The results for one of the CFD cases are validated with experimental data from a BIPV/T installation. The second part of the paper describes a model which is used to generate annual performance data for the system, including thermal and electrical energy production. Framing elements increase the turbulence which in turns increases the convective heat transfer coefficients. The optimal airspeed in the channel is a function of its length, weather conditions and the final required exit air temperature.

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Conference 11th International IBPSA Conference - Building Simulation 2009, BS 2009
Candanedo, L. (Luis), O'Brien, W, & Athienitis, A. (Andreas). (2009). Development of an air-based open loop building-integrated photovoltaic/thermal system model. In IBPSA 2009 - International Building Performance Simulation Association 2009 (pp. 797–804).