This paper investigates the impacts of a wireless heating management system for electrical baseboard heaters in two bulk-metered apartment buildings located in Ottawa, Canada. A tenant survey was conducted one year after the initial installation to study the thermal comfort impact of this system. Meanwhile, energy and economic analyses were performed with two years of post-retrofit data. Overall, this system has produced promising energy and cost reductions as much as 33% with little negative impact on tenants ' overall thermal comfort during the heating seasons. However, the authors still caution the installation of similar systems untilfeasibility studies are performed to determine the suitability of such systems.

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Conference 2017 ASHRAE Winter Conference
Shi, Z. (Zixiao), O'Brien, W, Dicaire, D. (Daniel), & Hu, Y. (Yitian). (2017). Wireless heating management system and tenant usage behavior in bulk-metered apartment buildings: A case study. In ASHRAE Transactions (pp. 302–313).