Open-loop building-integrated photovoltaic/thermal (BIPV/T) systems with air as the heat transfer fluid can supply a substantial portion of the space heating and hot water needs of residential and commercial buildings in cold climates. Over the last few years, several customized mathematical models for these systems have been developed. This paper presents a more general model useful for design or control purposes which allows for steady-state or transient analysis. Steady state models provide a quick evaluation of the energy balance and system performance useful for design. Transient models provide more insight valuable for development of control algorithms and system design optimization.

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Conference 2010 ASHRAE Winter Conference
Candanedo, L.M. (Luis M.), Athienitis, A.K. (Andreas K.), Candanedo, J.A. (José A.), O'Brien, W, & Chen, Y. (YuXiang). (2010). Transient and steady state models for open-loop air-based BIPV/T systems. In ASHRAE Transactions (pp. 600–612).