Following decades of advocacy, collecting sex-disaggregated data and conducting gender analyses have become an expected aspect of research in development studies. We strongly support this shift, yet it has focused attention upon one manifestation of inequality. We explore five dimensions of inequality, as expressed in health metrics in Ethiopia, to highlight diverse manifestations of inequalities. We call for a broader approach to understanding inequalities and how the simultaneous experience of multiple, intersecting inequalities, is greater than their sum. This shift is essential to support the ‘leave no one behind’ agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Keywords Ethiopia, gender, health, social differentiation, social inequalities
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Journal Forum for Development Studies
Cochrane, L, & Rao, N. (Nitya). (2018). Is the Push for Gender Sensitive Research Advancing the SDG Agenda of Leaving No One Behind?. Forum for Development Studies, 1–21. doi:10.1080/08039410.2018.1427623