This paper presents the development, experimental testing, and numerical modelling of a new hybrid timber-steel moment-resisting connection that is designed to improve the seismic performance of mid-rise heavy timber moment-resisting frames (MRF). The connection detail incorporates specially designed replaceable steel links fastened to timber beams and columns using self-tapping screws. Performance of the connection is verified through experimental testing of four 2/3 scale beam-column connections. All 4 connection specimens met the acceptance criteria specified in the AISC 341-10 provisions for steel moment frames and exhibit high strength, ductility, and energy dissipation capacity up to storey drifts exceeding 4%. All of the timber members and self-tapping screw connections achieved their design objective, remaining entirely elastic throughout all tests and avoiding brittle modes of failure. To assess the global seismic performance of the newly developed connection in a mid-rise building, a hybrid timber-steel building using the proposed moment-resisting connection is designed and modelled in OpenSees. To compare the seismic performance of the hybrid MRF with a conventional steel MRF, a prototype steel-only building is also designed and modelled in OpenSees. The building models are subject to a suite of ground motions at design basis earthquake and maximum credible earthquake hazard levels using non-linear time history analysis. Analytical results show that drifts and accelerations of the hybrid building are similar to a conventional steel building while the foundation forces are significantly reduced for the hybrid structure because of its lower seismic weight. The results of the experimental program and numerical analysis demonstrate the seismic performance of the proposed connection and the ability of the hybrid building to achieve comparable seismic performance to a conventional steel MRF.

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Keywords Hybrid steel-timber, Moment-resisting frame, Replaceable link, Self-tapping screw, Time history analysis
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Journal Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics
Gohlich, R. (Ryan), Erochko, J, & Woods, J.E. (Joshua E.). (2018). Experimental testing and numerical modelling of a heavy timber moment-resisting frame with ductile steel links. Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics. doi:10.1002/eqe.3025