• 1. Introduction to the History and Political Economy of Telecoms and Media Reconvergence
  • 2. Communication, Regulation and Modern Societies
  • 3. Telecoms and Online News and Content Services from 1840 to 1910: The Telegraph in Canada, The United States, and Europe
  • 4. From Electronic Communication to Telephony: A Social History of Telecommunications in Canada
  • 5. Telephones, Natural Monopoly, and Reinforcing the Boundaries of Electronic Communication
  • 6. Power Shift? A Political Economy of the "New" Telecoms in Canada
  • 7. Pursuing the Holy Grail: Information Highways and Media Reconvergence
  • 8. Toward a Responsive and Democratic Media System
  • App. 1. Mergers and Acquisitions Involving Telecoms Companies

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Publisher Hampton
ISBN 978-1-57273-145-5
Series Hampton Press communication series. International communication
Winseck, D. (1998). Reconvergence: A Political Economy of Telecommunications in Canada. Hampton Press communication series. International communication. Hampton.

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