Since I agree with Schulting's conclusions, my comments consist mostly of suggestions for further work that he could do, for example further issues that he might want to look into and passages that might give him trouble. One such issue is what is now sometimes called the Localization Problem: if the mind supplies temporal and (where present) spatial organization and most (at least most) conceptual structure to the manifold of intuition, what could be used to place bits of the manifold at one place rather than another, to determine that this concept rather than that applies, and the like? I urge that this in fact a very serious problem for Kant. Among passages that might create a problem for Schulting's reading, I focus on the Refutation of Idealism, which Kant added to the second (B-)edition.

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Keywords spatial and conceptual structure, temporal, the Localization Problem, the Refutation of Idealism
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Journal Kantian Review
Brook, A. (2018). The Deduction: Some Suggestions for Future Work. Kantian Review, 23(1), 89–97. doi:10.1017/S1369415417000395