We introduce an integrated framework for modeling and simulation of ecosystems based on cellular models. The framework integrates cellular modeling, web-based simulation, and geographic information systems (GISs) for data collection and visualization. In this framework, data extraction from GISs is automated; we use the Cell-DEVS formalism for modeling the ecosystem and the CD++ cellular modeling tool within the RISE (RESTful Interoperability Simulation Environment) middleware for web-based simulation. The simulation results are easily integrated with Google Earth data for visualization. We discuss the design, implementation, and benefits of the integrated approach for modeling and simulation in spatial analysis of ecosystem services. We show different case studies in the area of ecological systems, demonstrating how to apply the framework, its usability, and flexibility. We focus on the use of models available in remote servers, their integration with GIS data for inputs, and georeferenced visualization of the results. We show how the modeling methods based on DEVS and their modular interfaces make it easy to build such an architecture and we discuss its application to the field of environmental systems.

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Keywords Cell-DEVS, DEVS, ecosystems, geographic information systems, modeling and simulation
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1177/0037549717706007
Journal Simulation
Kazi, B.U. (Baha Uddin), & Wainer, G.A. (2018). Integrated cellular framework for modeling ecosystems: Theory and applications. Simulation, 94(3), 213–233. doi:10.1177/0037549717706007