A recent paper (Oakland 2017) discussed science and security research in the context of the government-funded Science of Security movement, and the history and prospects of security as a scientific pursuit. It drew on literature from within the security research community, and mature history and philosophy of science literature. The paper sparked debate in numerous organizations and the security community. Here we consider some of the main ideas, provide a summary list of relevant literature, and encourage discussion within the Moving Target Defense (MTD) sub-community.

Cybersecurity research, Deduction, Empirical research, Induction, Limitations of models, Science of security
4th ACM Workshop on Moving Target Defense, MTD 2017
School of Computer Science

Van Oorschot, P. (2017). Science, security, and academic literature: Can we learn from history?. In MTD 2017 - Proceedings of the 2017 Workshop on Moving Target Defense, co-located with CCS 2017 (pp. 1–2). doi:10.1145/3140549.3140563