Morra, Panesi, Traverso, and Usai's (Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 2017, Vol. 167, pp. 246–258) effort to clarify theoretical models and nomenclature confusion surrounding young children's executive functions development is laudable and important. In this article, we address some of the points these authors raised regarding our previous article (Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 2017, Vol. 159, pp. 199–218). Although we agree that the Multidimensional Card Selection Task makes working memory demands, it goes beyond working memory to measure concurrent cognitive flexibility in preschoolers. Using this task will allow researchers to fine-tune our models of cognitive flexibility and executive functions development.

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Keywords Children, Cognitive flexibility, Development, Executive functions, Multiple classification, Working memory
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Journal Journal of Experimental Child Psychology
Podjarny, G. (Gal), Kamawar, D, & Andrews, K. (Katherine). (2018). Measuring on the go: Response to Morra, Panesi, Traverso, and Usai. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. doi:10.1016/j.jecp.2018.02.002