This paper presents an adaptive radial basis function (RBF) network based speed control approach for interior permanent magnet synchronous machine (IPMSM) based vehicles. The presented control strategy achieves speed tracking without current measurement or control by acting directly on the machine's voltages. As a result, the current control loop is avoided, greatly simplifying the overall control strategy when compared to most existing speed control schemes. Moreover, no parameter knowledge is required unlike other control strategies. Furthermore, the closed-loop control system's stability is guaranteed by a Lyapunov theorem. Simulation and experimental results for different scenarios along with comparison against the well-established field oriented vector control technique demonstrate the controller's satisfactory behavior in both transient and steady-state. The proposed method yields 99% and 97% tracking accuracy in the presence of parametric uncertainties and friction nonliearities, respectively.

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Keywords direct voltage control, interior permanent magnet synchronous machines, Lyapunov theorem, speed control
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Journal IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
Chaoui, H, Khayamy, M. (Mehdy), & Okoye, O.O. (Okezie Owen). (2018). Adaptive RBF Network Based Direct Voltage Control for Interior PMSM Based Vehicles. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. doi:10.1109/TVT.2018.2813666