The Pilot Phase of the Atlas of the Languages of Iran. Here, you'll find the beginnings of an interactive language atlas that brings together insights from linguists in Iran and internationally, statistical and demographic publications by national agencies, and, foundationally, speakers of the many languages and dialects of the country. Rather than communicating a single view of Iran's languages and dialects, the Atlas allows users to enrich their own perspectives on language distribution with location-based language data. Our searchable maps highlight patterns in the phonology (the sounds of language), morphosyntax (grammar) and lexicon (words) of Iran's languages. Users can access, contribute and comment on language data, which are organized in reference to each of the country's some 60,000 towns and cities. We hope you'll enjoy your exploration of the rich and varied linguistic landscape of Iran! (from site summary)

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Publisher Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre

Citing the Atlas: Anonby, Erik, Mortaza Taheri-Ardali, et al. (eds.). 2015-2018. Atlas of the Languages of Iran. Ottawa: Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre. Online address: (retrieved [insert date]).
For a detailed and more complete list of contributors and partners, see The Atlas Team.

Anonby, E, Taheri-Ardali, Mortaza, Taylor, D.R, & Hayes, Amos. (2018). Atlas of the Languages of Iran. Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre.

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