The arrival of the digital age has not only reshaped and refocused critical research in the humanities, but has provided real opportunities to innovate with pedagogy and classroom structure. This article describes the development of a new pedagogical model that integrates learning by teaching with student access to electronic archival resources. This teaching approach counters many of the drawbacks of conventional post-secondary instruction by engendering a more participatory learning environment, facilitating the deformation of restrictive critical categories, deepening students' interpretative abilities, and at the same time giving faculty opportunities to broaden their own research.

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Keywords learning by teaching, co-operative teaching, student teaching, LdL, digital archives, Renaissance crime, EEBO
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Journal College Teaching
Stymeist, D.S. (2015). Students Teaching Texts to Students: Integrating LdL and Digital Archives. College Teaching, 63(2), 46–51. doi:10.1080/87567555.2014.999022