We present a cellular model to study the propagation of cracks in a given sample of rock. The model uses the fractal geometry found in real rocks and the stress and strain on an element of rock to update the element's strength. We study the propagation speed of the cracks with different initial conditions. The model shows that the more inhomogeneous a rock sample is the quicker a fracture can propagate through it. Because fractures release a large amount of energy when they grow, earthquakes are more likely to occur in these situations.

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Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1109/WSC.2017.8247849
Conference 2017 Winter Simulation Conference, WSC 2017
Wainer, G.A, & Stewart, S. (Scott). (2018). A cell-DEVS model for fracture propagation in rock. In Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference (pp. 989–1000). doi:10.1109/WSC.2017.8247849