Exploring the intersection of language, culture, and history, D.S. Stymeist's "The Bone Weir" is an eclectic collection that gives voice to the dead, the obscured, and the forgotten. One of the book s poetic streams considers the disconcerting conjunction of human evolution and the relatively recent extinction of many ice-age species. Other poems excavate buried colonial history and revisit indigenous legend to reimagine the genesis of national landscape. At play with these concerns, the poet builds on his experiences of bush life in the Canadian North to problematize our conception of shared cultural heritage and knowledge. By turns urgent, observant, celebratory, this collection invites readers to reflect on our often troubled relationship with the natural environment, the past, art, and the erotic.

Additional Metadata
Publisher Frontenac House
Editor Maylor, Micheline
ISBN 978-1-927823-55-2
Note Illustrated by Tim Nokes
Stymeist, D.S. (2016). The Bone Weir. (Maylor, Micheline, Ed.). Frontenac House.

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