This study examined (1) whether perfectionism relates to stress, affect, and vitality similarly at the between-person and domain-specific levels; (2) how much personal standards and evaluative concerns perfectionism vary between domains and how this variability is related to well-being. Students (N = 580) selected four important domains and completed surveys on domain and general perfectionism and well-being. In multilevel analyses (with n = 2320 domains), perfectionism was related to well-being outcomes similarly at the trait and domain-level. There was more variability across domains in personal standards than in evaluative concerns perfectionism. Variability in personal standards perfectionism was positively related to depression. Overall, results suggest that examining perfectionism within multiple personally-relevant domains can better explain how perfectionism influences well-being. Further research needs to examine perfectionism with this multi-level approach.

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Keywords Domains, Perfectionism, Variability, Well-being
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Journal Journal of Research in Personality
Levine, S.L. (Shelby L.), & Milyavskaya, M. (2018). Domain-specific perfectionism: An examination of perfectionism beyond the trait-level and its link to well-being. Journal of Research in Personality, 74, 56–65. doi:10.1016/j.jrp.2018.02.002