The original BSO fails to consider some potential information interactions in its individual update pattern, causing the premature convergence for complex problems. To address this problem, we propose a BSO algorithm with multi-information interactions (MIIBSO). First, a multi-information interaction (MII) strategy is developed, thoroughly considering various information interactions among individuals. Specially, this strategy contains three new MII patterns. The first two patterns aim to reinforce information interaction capability between individuals. The third pattern provides interactions between the corresponding dimensions of different individuals. The collaboration of the above three patterns is established by an individual stagnation feedback (ISF) mechanism, contributing to preserve the diversity of the population and enhance the global search capability for MIIBSO. Second, a random grouping (RG) strategy is introduced to replace both the K-means algorithm and cluster center disruption of the original BSO algorithm, further enhancing the information interaction capability and reducing the computational cost of MIIBSO. Finally, a dynamic difference step-size (DDS), which can offer individual feedback information and improve search range, is designed to achieve an effective balance between global and local search capability for MIIBSO. By combining the MII strategy, RG, and DDS, MIIBSO achieves the effective improvement in the global search ability, convergence speed, and computational cost. MIIBSO is compared with 11 BSO algorithms and five other algorithms on the CEC2013 test suit. The results confirm that MIIBSO obtains the best global search capability and convergence speed amongst the 17 algorithms.

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Keywords Brain storm optimization (BSO), Clustering algorithms, Computational efficiency, Convergence, Global optimization, Multi-information Interaction, Optimization, Particle swarm optimization, Sociology, Storms, Swarm intelligence
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Journal IEEE Access
Li, C. (Chunquan), Song, Z. (Zhenshou), Fan, J. (Jinghui), Cheng, Q. (Qiangqiang), & Liu, P. (2018). A Brain Storm Optimization with Multiinformation Interactions for Global Optimization Problems. IEEE Access. doi:10.1109/ACCESS.2018.2821118