Research into media constructions of migrant crises has noted when, where, and how migrants become illegalized, criminalized, and securitized, exposing the relationship between media, migration, and state power. News media, through narratives and lexicon, can portray some migrants as a threat to the fabric of society. This article applies the framework of policing the crisis (Hall et al., ) to discuss the discursive construction of Temporary Migrant Workers (TMWs) in Canadian media and policy. Content and textual analysis of front-page coverage of newsprint on the Moratorium on TMWs implemented in 2014 demonstrates this process of collective problematization. The Moratorium responded to a concern of replacing Canadians, which was largely unsupported by data. Since then, news coverage has shifted their representation of TMWs from a threat to victims, signalling a critical moment to reimagine TMWs and re-direct discussions towards granting substantive citizenship rights. International Migration

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Journal International Migration
Hari, A. (2018). Putting "Canadians First": Problematizing the Crisis of "Foreign" Workers in Canadian Media and Policy Responses. International Migration. doi:10.1111/imig.12453