This collection focuses on Canadians with mental, physical, and cognitive disabilities, and discusses the ways in which they lived, worked, and influenced public policy in Canada. Organized by time period, the 23 chapters in this collection are authored by a diverse group of scholars who discuss the untold histories of Canadians with disabilities—Canadians who influenced science and technology, law, education, healthcare, and social justice. Selected chapters discuss disabilities among Indigenous women; the importance of community inclusion; the ubiquity of stairs in the Montreal metro; and the ethics of disability research. Untold Stories: A Canadian Disability History Reader offers an exceptional presentation of influential people with various disabilities who brought about social change and helped to make Canada more accessible.

Canadian Scholars' Press
School of Social Work

Hansen, Nancy, Hanes, R, & Driedger, Diane. (2018). Untold Stories : A Canadian Disability History Reader. Canadian Scholars' Press.

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