This article seeks to predict some aspects of future Canada-United States trade relations by focusing on the demographic outlook for North America in 25 years. It argues that this demographic profile can be known with reasonable certainty in 2017, allowing policy-makers to take actions today to prepare for that future. I argue that North American policy-makers can sow the seeds for a more prosperous economic future in 25 years by focusing now on the shared economic future they wish to build. I outline several ways in which renegotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement can be used to prepare Canada and the US for the future economy, with an emphasis on Canada's comparative advantage in education. I also identify several sectors that could benefit from greater bilateral integration in order to protect and increase employment on both sides of the border in a future economy characterized by technology, automation, and services-based employment

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Keywords NAFTA, Canada-US relations, service economy, demography, economic growth
Publisher University of Toronto Press
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Journal International Journal of Canadian Studies
Lilly, M. (2017). How Demographic Transition Can Help Predict Canada-US Trade Relations in 25 Years. International Journal of Canadian Studies, 55, 67–76. doi:10.3138/ijcs.55.07