The Palestinian Authority has become a major recipient of development assistance with a primary area of focus on the development of security capacities. As a case study in the securitisation of aid, this article demonstrates how Canadian development aid has been almost exclusively aimed towards areas of security enhancements. Detailing what Canadian security development actors call ‘the Canadian factor’, the article argues that the securitisation of aid is a mobilisation of security expertise to advance the strategic interests of major donors. In detailing the donors as beneficiaries of aid, the article describes how the ‘success story’ of development aid in Palestine is a reflection of how security aid functions to advance the interests of donors as opposed to populations under the recipient authorities.

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Keywords aid, assistance, Humanitarian, international relations, Israel
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Journal Conflict, Security and Development
Monaghan, J. (2016). Security development and the Palestinian Authority: an examination of the ‘Canadian factor’. Conflict, Security and Development, 16(2), 125–143. doi:10.1080/14678802.2016.1153310