No spin-singlet bb quarkonium state has yet been observed. In this paper we discuss the production of the singlet P-wave bb and cc 1P 1 states h b and h c. We consider two possibilities. In the first the 1P 1 states are produced via the electromagnetic cascades Y(3S)→ν b(2S) + γ→h b + γγ→ν b + γγγ and ψ′→ν c′ + γ→h c + γγ→ν c + γγγ. Amore promising process consists of single pion transition to the 1P 1 state followed by the radiative transition to the 1 1S 0 state: Y(3S)→h b + π 0→ν b + π 0 + γ and ψ′→h c + π 0→ν c + π 0 + γ. For a million Y(3S) or ψ′'s produced we expect these processes to produce several hundred events.