Health monitoring is an essential part of condition-based maintenance and prognostics and health management for gas turbines. Various health monitoring systems have been developed based on the measurement and observation of the fault symptoms including turbine performance parameters such as heat rate, and nonperformance symptoms such as structural vibration. This paper focuses on surveying state-of-the-art condition monitoring, diagnostic and prognostic techniques using performance parameters acquired from gas-path data that are mostly available from the operating systems of gas turbines. Performance parameters and the corresponding effective factors are presented in the beginning. Structure of performance monitoring and diagnostic systems are systematically laid out next, and the recent developments in each section are surveyed and discussed. Observing the importance of the prognostics in the recent trend of health monitoring research, an emphasis is given on the prognostic frameworks and their implementation for the remaining useful life prediction. A conclusion along with a brief discussion on the current state and potential future directions is provided at the end.

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Keywords Blades, Condition monitoring, Degradation, diagnostics, Fuels, gas turbine, Maintenance engineering, Monitoring, performance monitoring, prognostics, Temperature measurement, Turbines
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Journal IEEE Transactions on Reliability
Hanachi, H. (Houman), Mechefske, C. (Christopher), Liu, J, Banerjee, A. (Avisekh), & Chen, Y. (Ying). (2018). Performance-Based Gas Turbine Health Monitoring, Diagnostics, and Prognostics: A Survey. IEEE Transactions on Reliability. doi:10.1109/TR.2018.2822702