Theoretical and experimental results are presented to show that the complex effective index of the modes of optical fibers coated with non-uniform metal coatings of gold, silver, copper, or palladium, with thicknesses between 0 and 20 nm, acquire a greatly enhanced sensitivity to various forms of perturbations. Thickness changes of less than 1 nm can be measured as well as the binding of record low concentrations of chemical and biochemical species.

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Keywords Fiber gratings, Metal nanoparticles, Optical fiber sensors, Surface plasmons
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Journal Sensors
Albert, J, Liu, F. (Fu), & Marquez-Cruz, V. (Violeta). (2018). Hypersensitivity and applications of cladding modes of optical fibers coated with nanoscale metal layers. Sensors, 18(5). doi:10.3390/s18051518