This paper proposes a novel technique to develop a low-cost electromagnetic (EM) centric multiphysics parametric model for microwave components. In the proposed method, we use space mapping techniques to combine the computational efficiency of EM single physics (EM only) simulation with the accuracy of the multiphysics simulation. The EM responses with respect to different values of geometrical parameters in nondeformed structures without considering other physics domains are regarded as coarse model. The coarse model is developed using the parametric modeling methods such as artificial neural networks or neuro-transfer function techniques. The EM responses with geometrical and nongeometrical design parameters as variables in the practical deformed structures due to thermal and structural mechanical stress factors are regarded as fine model. The fine model represents the behavior of EM centric multiphysics responses. The proposed model includes the EM domain coarse model and two mapping neural networks to map the EM domain (single physics) to the multiphysics domain. Our proposed technique can achieve good accuracy for multiphysics parametric modeling with fewer multiphysics training data and less computational cost. After the modeling process, the proposed model can be used to provide accurate and fast prediction of EM centric multiphysics responses of microwave components with respect to the changes of design parameters within the training ranges. The proposed technique is illustrated by a tunable four-pole waveguide filter example at 10.5-11.5 GHz and an iris coupled microwave cavity filter example at 690-720 MHz.

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Keywords Artificial neural networks (ANNs), Computational modeling, Integrated circuit modeling, Mathematical model, microwave component, Microwave FET integrated circuits, Microwave theory and techniques, multiphysics modeling, neuro-transfer function (Neuro-TF), parametric modeling, Parametric statistics, Physics, space mapping (SM).
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Journal IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques
Zhang, W. (Wei), Feng, F. (Feng), Gongal-Reddy, V. (Venu-Madhav-Reddy), Zhang, J. (Jianan), Yan, S. (Shuxia), Ma, J. (Jianguo), & Zhang, Q.J. (2018). Space Mapping Approach to Electromagnetic Centric Multiphysics Parametric Modeling of Microwave Components. IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques. doi:10.1109/TMTT.2018.2832120