Personal goals are ubiquitous in everyday life, with people typically pursuing multiple personal goals at any given time. This article provides a review and synthesis of the vast and varied research on personal goals. A growing body of research shows that goals are best conceptualized as a distinct unit of analysis, with extensive within-person variations in both goal characteristics and attainment. In this article, the authors review existing literature on personal goals, examining the process of goal pursuit from start to finish, including goal setting, goal pursuit and self-regulation, and the outcomes associated with attainment and/or failure. They also address the many aspects of personal goal pursuit that are still poorly understood, highlighting directions for future research.

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Keywords Goal pursuit, Motivation, Personal goals, Self-regulation
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Journal Canadian Psychology
Milyavskaya, M, & Werner, K.M. (Kaitlyn M.). (2018). Goal Pursuit: Current state of affairs and directions for future research. Canadian Psychology, 59(2), 163–175. doi:10.1037/cap0000147