Recent policy emphases in the United Kingdom (UK) show growing attention to localism interconnected with philanthropy. This appears to offer significant opportunities for community foundations - geographically embedded multi-purpose charities envisaged as combining various grant-making roles with community leadership. Using a theoretical framework derived from political geography, we explore and conceptualise how community foundations conceive and operationalise their community leadership role across the UK's localism discourses; we find their strategies and approaches to be differentiated rather than shared. This challenges the understanding of 'community foundations' as a single model in its UK expression and questions their envisaged potential as collective pan-UK lead-players within localism policy.

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Policy and Politics: an international journal
School of Public Policy and Administration

Jung, T. (Tobias), Harrow, J. (Jenny), & Phillips, S.D. (2013). Developing a better understanding of community foundations in the UK's localisms. Policy and Politics: an international journal, 42(3), 409–427. doi:10.1332/030557312X655594