Since the election of the Mike Harris Conservative government in 1995, Ontario has been the site of some of the most turbulent provincial-local relations ever experienced in a Canadian province. The province's agenda has included restructuring and realigning the responsibilities and resources of municipal governments and asserting control over the financing and governance of Ontario's education system. The sheer size of this agenda and the interconnections between its two main elements have made the quest to simplify or disentangle provincial-local relations impossible to achieve. This article documents events as the Conservatives moved from their "Common Sense Revolution" election manifesto to develop and implement a plan for disentanglement of provincial and local government services. It also identifies themes and potential lessons that emerge for government agenda setting and intergovernmental relations.

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Journal Canadian Public Administration
Graham, K, & Phillips, S.D. (1998). "Who Does What" in Ontario: The process of provincial-municipal disentanglement. Canadian Public Administration, 41(2), 175–209. doi:10.1111/j.1754-7121.1998.tb01536.x