The fee-for-service scheme is adapted to a physician-patient relation centred on curative care but it does not provide incentives for the physician to offer preventive care. However French decision-makers wish physicians to make prevention and a consultation dedicated to prevention (CSP) is now introduced. But the efficiency of this incentive mechanism is not insured. This study intends to develop efficiency criteria for incentives to prevention in French private medical practice. These criteria concern the form of incentives (amount, outcome indexation, length and frequency) and their context (individual or group practice, public health campaign, motivations). Our study focuses then on the CSP efficiency.

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Journal d'Economie Medicale

Ammi, M, & Béjean, S. (Sophie). (2010). Can incentives for prevention be efficient in French private medical practice? Les incitations à la prévention peuvent-elles être efficaces en médecine libérale?. Journal d'Economie Medicale, 28(1), 3–17.