This study suggests the poor reliability of clinical rating scales and the necessity of physical measurements in the assessment of extrapyramidal symptoms. The latter measurements for the evaluation of muscular tone, tremor, and movement response to a stimulus, and of facial dyskinesia were shown to be useful in the precise objectivation of the extrapyramidal manifestations. The methods were applied in a survey carried out in order to make a statistical description of the extrapyramidal neuroleptic syndrome. The results of this survey on 80 chronic schizophrenic patients indicate the predominance of 2 basic alterations (qualitative and quantitative changes of kinesia and of muscular tone) with which all other manifestations would be highly correlated.

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Journal Current Therapeutic Research - Clinical and Experimental
Elie, R. (R.), Gagnon, M.A, Lamontagne, Y. (Y.), & Tetreault, L. (L.). (1973). The extrapyramidal neuroleptic syndrome: description and measurement. Current Therapeutic Research - Clinical and Experimental, 15(7), 427–440.