The recent restructuring of the pharmaceutical industry has led to three new types of promotional strategies to build patient loyalty to brand name drugs: loyalty through rebates, patient support, and compassion programs. Loyalty through rebates seeks to keep patients on a brand name drug and prevent their switch to the generic equivalent. Loyalty through patient support provides aftersales services to help and support patients (by phone or home visits) in order to improve adherence to their treatments. Finally, compassion programs offer patients access to drugs still awaiting regulatory approval or reimbursement by insurers. When and if the approval process is successful, the manufacturer puts an end to the compassion program and benefits from a significant cohort of patients already taking a very expensive drug for which reimbursement is assured. The impact of these programs on public policies and patients' rights raises numerous concerns, among which the direct access to patients and their health information by drug manufacturers and upward pressure on costs for drug insurance plans.

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Journal Healthcare Policy
Prémont, M.-C. (Marie-Claude), & Gagnon, M.A. (2014). Three types of brand name loyalty strategies set up by drug manufacturers Trois types de stratégies des fabricants pour la fidélisation aux médicaments de marque. Healthcare Policy, 10(2), 79–89. doi:10.12927/hcpol.2015.24045