To the Editor: We read with interest the recent article describing infants of diabetic mothers (N Engl J Med 289:902, 1973) as well as the editorial on “Birth Weight and Subsequent Physical and Intellectual Development” (N Engl J Med 289:973, 1973). It is well known that diabetic women give birth to children whose birth weights tend to be high. We recently performed a study aiming to determine if there is any correlation between birth weight in infancy and adult obesity. All the data were obtained by interviews with 204 diabetic mothers (mean age of 63 years). Eighty per cent either. . .

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Journal New England Journal of Medicine
Verdy, M. (Maurice), Gagnon, M.A, Caron, D. (Daniel), & Pildes, R.S. (Rosita S.). (1974). Birth Weight and Adult Obesity in Children of Diabetic Mothers. New England Journal of Medicine, 290(10). doi:10.1056/NEJM197403072901025