Even though controversy persists over the physiopathology of alkaline reflux gastritis, Roux-en-Y diversion is a well-accepted surgical treatment and was used in 23 patients over a 6-year period at the Hopital St-Luc in Montreal. Of the 23 patients, 21 had complete relief of symptoms. Objective criteria for the selection of patients who would benefit from operation are still to be defined. The authors discuss the physiopathology through an extensive review of the literature.

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Journal Canadian Journal of Surgery
Tasse, D. (D.), Ghosn, P. (P.), Gagnon, M.A, Martin, F. (F.), Morgan, S. (S.), Poitras, P. (P.), & Bernard, D. (D.). (1982). Alkaline reflux gastritis: Roux-en-Y diversion is effective. Canadian Journal of Surgery, 25(3), 337–339.