A stepwise multiple regression analysis was made, for each sex separately, on a group of 28 male and 28 female adult diabetic inpatients of a psychiatric hospital participating in a clinical pharmacological study, in which their baseline fasting glycemia was related to a set of general clinico descriptive measures. The aim of this approach was to identify which variables were most strongly correlated with the fasting glycemia and to assess the usefulness of multiple regression analysis in clinical research. The technique is described, and its aims and limitations discussed.

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Jequier, J.C. (J. C.), Gagnon, M.A, & Annable, L. (L.). (1975). Multiple regression analysis in the evaluation of some clinical characteristics of a sample of adult onset diabetics EVALUATION PAR REGRESSION MULTIPLE DES CARACTERISTIQUES CLINIQUES D'UN ECHANTILLON DE DIABETIQUES DE L'AGE ADULTE. UN.MED.CANADA, 104(6), 935–943.