A disciplinary builder, a generous mentor, and an academic pioneer, Bruce Doern built much of the empirical and conceptual foundation for Canadian public policy and administrative studies today. Policy: From Ideas to Implementation, inspired and influenced by his body of work, offers invaluable guidance for studying the political realities of our collective tomorrows by reassessing and advancing Doern's contributions and innovations. Assembling an informed group of scholars, this volume focuses on the study and practice of central agencies, regulation, budgeting, energy and science policy, and governing instruments. A overview that looks beyond Doern's tremendous body of work, Policy: From Ideas to Implementation is also a survey of the methods and central issues of the Canadian and international public policy disciplines.

School of Public Policy and Administration

Toner, G, Pal, L, & Prince, M.J. (Michael J.). (2010). Policy: From ideas to implementation: In honour of professor G. Bruce Doern. Policy: From Ideas to Implementation In Honour of Professor G. Bruce Doern, 1–290.