Focuses on the introduction of strategic management into a UK local authority, based on several years of empirical research. Aims primarily to explore conceptual and practical links between strategic management and scientific management. Demonstrates that clear parallels exist between the two models and thereby lends support to those who argue that scientific management remains an important influence on modern management thinking and practice. However, despite their shared origins, strategic management has developed into a more sophisticated and potentially more powerful management tool. In particular, through the distinction drawn between strategic and operational decision making it appears to extend the principle of separating conception from execution into the heart of senior management. A realistic account of the political process of change within the local authority is also provided and subsequent performance following the introduction of strategic management is assessed.

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Keywords Decision making, Local government, Scientific management, Strategic management
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Journal International Journal of Public Sector Management
Stoney, C. (2001). Strategic management or strategic Taylorism?: A case study into change within a UK local authority. International Journal of Public Sector Management, 14(1), 27–42. doi:10.1108/09513550110387057