This first volume in the Innovation, Science, Environment series examines a range of ISE policy priorities, from the broader areas of federal/provincial and city/community involvement in these fields to the international dimensions that influence Canadian politics and governance. Topics include the Martin liberals and changing ISE policies, the federal sustainable development strategy process, the National Research Council's response to changing federal agendas, a comparison of Canadian and UK innovation strategies, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, innovation strategy and the mining supply and service sector, environmental industries and the role of the Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Centres, local innovation and source water protection, and information disclosure as an environmental policy instrument. Contributors include Bert Backman-Beharry (Calgary-based consultant), N. Bruce Baskerville (National Research Council of Canada - NRCC), Francois Bregha (Stratos Inc), Don Di Salle (NRCC), G. Bruce Doern (Carleton and Exeter), Carey Hill (PhD candidate, British Columbia), Jeffrey S. Kinder (PhD candidate, Carleton), Russell LaPointe (doctoral student, Carleton), Débora C. Lopreite (PhD candidate, Carleton), David Robinson (Laurentian), Mike Rosenblatt (Carleton), Stephan Schott (Carleton), Robert Slater (Carleton), Jac van Beek (Ottawa), and Coady Wing (graduate student, Carleton).

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Doern, G.B. (2006). Innovation, science, environment: Canadian policies and performance, 2006-2007. Innovation, Science, Environment: Canadian Policies and Performance, 2006-2007, 1–245.