As energy prices continue to soar, there is an equally growing interest in how better to manage and regulate energy sources and their production. Governing the Energy Challenge is a comparative study between Canada and Germany that features essays by leading energy and public policy specialists from both countries. It identifies numerous strategies to produce more efficient and sustainable energy by revealing the ways in which Germany, as a member of the European Union, is more advanced in dealing with multi-level governmental tensions and sustainability constraints than Canada has as a member of NAFTA Paying particular attention to the relationship between environmental study, climate change issues, and economic market reforms, this volume analyses the influence that the energy sector and multi-level institutional arrangements have on energy governance. The contributors provide valuable information on the formation of energy policy, offering insights into the growing differences between countries who are members of NAFTA and the European Union.

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Eberlein, B. (Burkard), & Doern, G.B. (2010). Governing the energy challenge: Canada and Germany in a multilevel regional and global context. Governing the Energy Challenge: Canada and Germany in a Multilevel Regional and Global Context, 1–434.