The high quality of the chapters in this volume is a fitting tribute to Peter Aucoin's remarkable contributions in the fields of political science and public administration. His many publications - and those yet to come - will leave a splendid legacy for the public governance and public management communities both in Canada and around the world. At the Aucoin symposium where these chapters were initially presented, they prompted lively discussion and debate. They provide valuable ideas and insights that build upon the scholarly foundation that Peter has so thoughtfully and skilfully laid. Both of us have worked with Peter and drawn on his scholarly work over the past four decades, and he remains, at a very personal level, a life-long inspiration to us both. This concluding chapter draws out - and elaborates upon - some of the important themes and debates both within the four parts of this book and also, importantly, across them and in relation to themes that may not have garnered sufficient focus in the full context of democratic politics, policy, and governance. This chapter thus comments critically on select aspects of the book's chapters but mainly with a view to extending the legacy of Peter's work as interpreted and built upon by the contributing authors.

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Doern, G.B, & Kernaghan, K.H. (Kennet H.). (2012). Conclusion: New political governance and new public management: Reflections on the Aucoin legacy. In From New Public Management to New Political Governance: Essays in Honour of Peter C. Aucoin (pp. 380–390).