The main purpose of this paper is optimization of the nanoparticle volume fraction in a boundary layer flow, beneath a uniform free stream permeable continuous moving surface in a nanofluid. First, a theoretical relation between the nanoparticle volume fraction and the velocity profile has been obtained. Then the optimization of the volume fraction for the Ag, Cu, and CuO nanoparticles is studied. Finally, a combination of several nanoparticles is considered and the corresponding optimization problem is analyzed. As it turns out, one can use a right combination of several nanoparticles to ensure a more efficient heat transfer with a lower operational cost.

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Keywords Moving surface, Nanofluid, Optimization, Volume fraction
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Journal Heat Transfer Research
Chaharborj, S.S. (Sarkhosh S.), & Momeni, A. (2018). Nanoparticle volume fraction optimization for efficient heat transfer and heat flow problems in a nanofluid. Heat Transfer Research, 49(8), 761–771. doi:10.1615/HeatTransRes.2018019795