We propose a new algorithm called the VirtualClock with Priority Buffer (VCPB) in this paper. VCPB combines VirtualClock algorithm with a new priority buffering strategy and therefore provides complete isolation of different traffic classes in a sharing environment. The isolation provided by VCPB allows different QoS requirements be satisfied at the same time. Furthermore the performance of various traffic classes sharing the same bandwidth and buffer are typically upper bounded by their performances in homogeneous traffic environments. Therefore the traditional effective bandwidth approach can be applied as in homogeneous cases.

Proceedings of the IEEE GLOBECOM 1998 - The Bridge to the Global Integration
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Chen, Jianmei (Jianmei), Huang, C, Devetsikiotis, Mihail (Mihail), & Lambadaris, I. (1998). VirtualClock with priority buffer: a resource sharing algorithm. Conference Record / IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference, 416–421.