The range of Bell violations for a given amount of entanglement measured in terms of the concurrence were derived. The extent to which a large Bell violation with a large amount of entanglement can be identified was shown. Furthermore, it was proved that the local single copy filtering operations which maximize the concurrence and other entanglement monotones also maximize the Bell violation and lead to Bell diagonal states.
The Journal of Chemical Physics
Department of Chemistry

Verver, R.J., Wright, J.S, & Ivanov, M.Yu. (2002). Simulation of pump-probe spectroscopy of a highly-charged diatomic molecule: Role of intermediate charged states and electronic and vibrational excitation in the multiple ionization of Cl2 and strong-field spectroscopy of Cl2 3+. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 117(15), 6991–7001. doi:10.1063/1.1506684