As part of an internet-based study to investigate experiences of sexual minority youth in the U.S., 544 youth, ages 14-19, were surveyed about their need for services, where they preferred to receive these services, and their preferred method of service delivery. The survey was anonymous and youth were recruited from LGBTQ-specific listservs and venues as well as through social networking sites as a way of reaching youth often not represented in LGBTQ surveys. Youth highly endorsed many types of services, settings, and modes of delivery. Some subgroup differences emerged. Transgender youth and those uncertain about their gender identity expressed stronger interest than others in services to address stress, family issues, and self-defense, and in receiving support and guidance from LGBTQ adults. Few differences in service preferences along demographic lines such as race/ethnicity emerged; however, African American youth were more likely than others to prefer services offered in a place of worship. Contrary to predictions, geographic and community variables were not related to service type, delivery format, or location preferences.

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Keywords Internet surveys, LGBTQ youth, Preference for services, Sexual minority youth, Transgender youth
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Journal Children and Youth Services Review
Wells, E.A. (Elizabeth A.), Asakura, K, Hoppe, M.J. (Marilyn J.), Balsam, K.F. (Kimberly F.), Morrison, D.M. (Diane M.), & Beadnell, B. (Blair). (2013). Social services for sexual minority youth: Preferences for what, where, and how services are delivered. Children and Youth Services Review, 35(2), 312–320. doi:10.1016/j.childyouth.2012.11.011