Anti-oppressive practice is promoted with increasing frequency as a foundation for social work practice. This article develops a critique of anti-oppressive practice by drawing on tools from ethnomethodology and conversation analysis. Against anti-oppressive practice, it is suggested that inquiry must be informed by an abiding attention to the explication of members' local and congregationally enacted social interactions. It is argued that anti-oppressive practice redirects social workers' attention from consideration of the ineffable ambiguity, paradoxes, and puzzles of our clients' and our own lives in favor of formulaic "discoveries" of oppression.

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Keywords Anti-oppressive practice (AOP), Conversation analysis, Ethnomethodology, Institutional ethnography
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Journal Journal of Progressive Human Services
deMontigney, G. (2011). Beyond anti-oppressive practice: Investigating reflexive social relations. Journal of Progressive Human Services, 22(1), 8–30. doi:10.1080/10428232.2011.564982