This paper focuses on the operations of heterosexism and strategies to counter it in a particular service context: the context of psychosocial support services for women with cancer. The paper draws on findings from a participatory, qualitative study set in Ontario, Canada in which 26 lesbians were interviewed about their experiences of cancer diagnosis, treatment, health care and social support, and their feelings and perceptions about shifts in identity, body, sexuality and relationships. This paper focuses on findings related to the changes research participants perceived as necessary in the provision and organization of cancer support services, in order to increase access and ensure equity for lesbians with cancer and their families. Copyright

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Keywords Cancer, Cancer support services, Heterosexism homophobia, Lesbians
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Journal Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services
Barnoff, L. (Lisa), Sinding, C. (Christina), & Grassau, P. (2006). Listening to the voices of lesbians diagnosed with cancer recommendations for change in cancer support services. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services, 18(1), 17–35. doi:10.1300/J041v18n01_03