Although foster care is often spoken of as a system with many interactive facets, foster care personnel often carry out their specific roles with little understanding or consideration of the ultimate impact of that system. A simulation of public foster care service delivery designed to sensitize participants to these interactions is described. Evaluation of the simulation's accuracy in portrayal of actual service delivery and a study of the kinds of learning demonstrated by participants at three points (pretest, posttest, and follow-up) are reported. Participants found the simulation an attractive training method, indicated a greater appreciation of system-wide foster care problems, and reported changes in foster care thinking and work, but other indicators of learning were inconsistent.
Children and Youth Services Review

Rooney, R.H. (Ronald H.), Moore, L.M. (Linda M.), & Schwartz, K. (1984). The foster care system simulation: Evaluation of a training innovation. Children and Youth Services Review, 6(3), 173–193. doi:10.1016/0190-7409(84)90059-8