Liquid glass (LG) coating, supplied by Liquid Glass Shield Company, is capable of enhancing the wear resistance of surfaces without altering the surface features. Additionally, the coating contains ethanol that acts as an anti-microbial agent. In this study, LG is deposited on nickel substrate to investigate its ability to impede bacterial growth. The coating is applied using a spin coater and followed by a furnace curing process. The coating is then tested for bacterial growth through the deposition of a known type of bacteria onto the cured coating surface. The liquid glass coating has shown enhanced anti-bacterial ability when compared to bare nickel surface. However, the anti-bacterial ability of LG is slightly lower than that of brass alloys.

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Keywords Anti-bacterial performance, Benzalkonium chloride, Brass, E.coli colony-forming unit, Liquid glass coating, Nickel, Sodium pyrithion
Journal International Journal of Materials and Product Technology
Xiao, B. (Bingjie), Ibrahim, A. (Ayman), Huang, X, & Liu, R. (2018). Application and anti-bacterial performance evaluation of liquid glass coating. International Journal of Materials and Product Technology, 56(4), 326–340.