In this paper, we employ a practical perspective and examine the Green IT (GIT) practices across industries using a dictionary-based text mining method. Our research includes two phases: 1) building a GIT dictionary for text mining, and 2) examining GIT practices proliferation in non-IT industries. As the first attempt of using dictionary-based text mining method to study the Green IT practices, this paper has two main implications. First, through building the Green IT dictionary, we provide a broad view of current Green IT practices and present a tool that can be used to examine Green IT practices in future research. Second, while employing a practical perspective, this paper identifies some research gaps which could be addressed in future GIT research.

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Conference America's Conference on Information Systems: A Tradition of Innovation, AMCIS 2017
Deng, Q. (Qi), Ji, S, & Wang, Y. (Yun). (2017). Green it practices across industries: A text-mining based analysis. In AMCIS 2017 - America's Conference on Information Systems: A Tradition of Innovation.